The spiral has inspired the human mind down through the ages, holding many secrets in it's sacred geometry, the spirit womb vortex, organic growth, and the shape of the unfolding universe. Working with spiral energy can heal your deepest issues and can have the power to heal others too.

The SPIRALIDOO is hand carved in the shape of the nautilus shell, the curve generated resolves into a plane perpendicular to the axis and thus, the instrument takes a planar discoid shape enabling the sound to travel through the coil with a mysterious resonance to the human spirit.

Easy to carry, SPIRALIDOOs' are approximately 30 Centimeters in diameter, the 'tube/mouthpiece' is approx 4.50 cm in thickness, the SPIRALIDOO is the perfect traveling companion.

The wood used in the making of the Spiralidoo: JACK FRUIT and SONO (ebony) approved by the forestry department of EAST JAVA, dried for a period of 6 months to prevent any future damages (cracks, splits), then the work starts; Grinding, Shaping, Carving, Assembling, Sanding and to finish painted all in an artistic way, giving each SPIRALIDOO the look and shape of "one of a kind."

Each SPIRALIDOO comes with it's own carry bag made of waterproof material, shock proof (foam padded) and designed with practicality and fashion in mind. It works as both a shoulder bag (strap) or as a hand bag (handle) fitting the SPIRALIDOO perfectly inside ready to travel safely and easily. The SPIRALIDOO comes in different keys sounds ranging from C- D- E- F in proportion of the SPIRALIDOO swirl's length, it comes in 4 original paint work designs and, of course, in varnished natural wood:

Snow Leopard - Grey Leopard - Yellow Panther -Snake Pattern Dots.